About Boxii

Boxii is a mobile application that provides self-storage options to users by connecting them with participating convenience stores in metro cities at extremely cheap prices.

At Boxii, we’re providing a platform for people to connect with stores, restaurants, even renters to make the best use of their space and store their items for a very reasonable rate. This means overpaying for self-storage’s extremely high costs, traveling long distances or waiting for someone to come and pick up your items will become a thing of the past. At Boxii, we’ll be providing long term and short term storage for items. We have an option for you to store your items from 1 hour up to 12 month.The best part is your items will be just blocks away from you.

Why Choose Boxii?At Boxii, we pride outselves on being the cheapest self storage provider in New York City. The average cost of self-storage spaces is unreasonably in metro cities which makes it very inconvenient to store items. The cost of self-storage in New York City for a minimum amount of space ranges from $50-$100 based on the volume and time of the year. To get a reasonable rate, items are usually stored in far locations which lead to additional costs. Storage companies add an additional administrative fee and some of them even demand/require for users to use their own locks.

Services: We are offering three types of services

1. BoxiiBox - it's a physical high tech Box that allows ONLY YOU to access it. Once you request a service, you will get a barcode. When you drop off your items, you will scan barcode to open and close your personlized Box. This service is the most secure option that exist in all self storage industry. On Box we have sensors which means if someone tries to break it we will be notified.

2. BoxiiBox XL - it's the same concept as the regular BoxiiBox but more suitable for long term storage. This Box is 4x4x4 dimension and can fit holds as much stuff as a mini-van's worth (ex. a mini-fridge, microwave, tv, clothes, desk chair, lamp, books, clothes, etc.).

3. Open Space - This option allows you to leave your items to a Boxii provider for a cheaper rate. Once you request a service, you will leave your items to a Boxii providers specific designated area.

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Sid Sachdev, Founder + CEO
Ana Robakidze, Co-founder + CTO

Software & Hardware

Mahmoud Saleh
Software & Hardware Engineer

Hui Liang
Hardware Engineer

Jose Villanueva
Hardware Engineer

Eldar Gvianidze
Software Engineer

Giorgi Kvavilashvili
Software Engineer