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What's Boxii?

Boxii is a web & mobile application that provides self-storage options to users by connecting them with participating convenience stores in metro cities with extremely cheap prices.

How it Works

Using Boxii is easy and convenient

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Request a Box & Select for how long you want to store

Use your current location and select the closest Boxii Provider. You can choose for how long you want to store it; It can be for an hour to a year. You have an option to choose OpenSpace or secure BoxiiBox.

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Drop off your Items & Lock your box

Meet with your Boxii Provider and store your items in Boxii Box or in Open Space.If you choose our Boxii Box Only YOU are able to open and close the box via your phone.

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Pick up your Items

When times is up, go to your Boxii Provider and pick up your items.

More about Boxii

Become a Boxii Provider

Do you want to earn fast money without leaving your house? Then become a Boxii Provider. There are only few requirements:

  • 1. Have an Open space where you will be able to provide small storage area
  • 2. Have a state ID
  • 3. Optional Get our Boxii Box

Find out more about how you can become a provider

Become a Boxii Provider - For Retail Stores & shops

Do you want your business to earn little more cash and have more foot traffic? Then Become a Boxii provider just with few requirements:

  • 1. Have a legal Business & documents
  • 2. Have an open space for storage
  • 3. Get our Boxii Box

Find out more about how you can become a provider
Become a Provider

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Boxii will be launched in September 2017. Please provide your email below and we will keep you posted on our latest news.